Thursday, October 21, 2010

Trick or Tweet! 4 Ways to Celebrate Halloween Using Social Media

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Originally posted on Likeable

While social media may seem frightening to some people, its consistent creativity and ability to keep up with changing times is undeniable. For Halloween this year, we've decided to stay away from the traditional witch and ghost costumes and celebrate the social media way! Here are 4 ways to add a little social media flair to your Halloween:

Social Media Costumes

For people who love Halloween, wearing a unique and original costume is important. For those of us in the social media business, finding creative ways to promote your social networks is essential. Dressing up as your favorite social network is the perfect way to show off your creativity while promoting your social networking pages. Check out Likeable CEO Dave Kerpen and COO Carrie Kerpen dressed as their favorite social networks!

iPhone Apps

Thanks to these great Halloween iPhone apps, you can celebrate Halloween on the go! With these apps, you can ask questions to the deceased, get your weather forecast from a zombie, find and explore haunted locations, read ghost stories from around the world, and much more.

Pumpkin Carving

Although carving pumpkins is a Halloween tradition, social media is all about being new, innovative, and creative. Why should your Jack O’ Lantern look just like everyone else’s? Get inspired by your favorite social networking sites and carve pumpkins that show your creativity and love for social media.


Celebrate Halloween with a JibJab video! JibJab allows you to upload pictures of your friends, colleagues, and relatives and incorporate them into fun and festive music videos. Sharing these videos on Facebook, Twitter, blogs, and other sites is a great way to get a laugh and get your friends and followers in the Halloween spirit. Check out this JibJab video we made for the Likeable Media Fall 2010 Buzz Builders!

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How will you use social media to get in the Halloween spirit this year?


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