Sunday, May 15, 2011

The Calories Don't Count When...

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I am a Jew. Therefore, my life pretty much revolves around food. It also means I'm a sucker for Jewish guilt. Food is something that makes me feel incredibly happy, yet incredibly guilty at the same time. Sometimes the guilt is a good thing, as it prevents us from over-indulging, but personally, I don't think we should have to succumb to the guilt ALL the time! There are times when I just want to relax and enjoy my food as the fattening, sugary-goodness that it is. I've come up with a list of occasions where the calories in your food don't count. Feel free to pig out guilt-free when:

It is your birthday: Your birthday is all about celebrating YOU and doing whatever your pretty little heart desires - no one judges you on your birthday.

You're cooking or baking: If you're making the food, it's only fair that you get to eat it. Whether you're licking the batter or eating the 5 cupcakes that you "messed up," it's totally allowed.

You eat off someone else's plate: Your friend can't finish his fries? He's already committed to taking all of the calories, so consider this a freebie!

You're given food as a gift: Anything you receive that is given to you because of a holiday or something fabulous you've done is fair game. We're celebrating who you are, not what you eat.

Your Jewish grandma cooks: Grandmas always make the best food: Totally worth the extra calories. Does your grandma cook for you multiple times a day? If so, I'll give you half credit -- you always could've fed some to the dog.

Can you think of any more?

Edit: I thought of one more! The calories don't count at Starbucks Frappy Hour! When delicious things are half price, they're only half the calories!


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