Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Dear Ryan Murphy: WTF Are You Thinking?!

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Dear Ryan Murphy,

If you've been keeping up with my blog (I know you haven't, but hear me out for a sec), you'd have noticed a serious transformation. I started out as the anti-gleek: I appreciated the effort, but your characters really didn't resonate with me. Then a little thing called The Glee Project happened, I basically fell in love with Damian McGinty (and met him!), and before you knew it, I was leaving work earlier than usual just to make sure I'd make it back in time for Glee. Suddenly, those little things about the show that used to bother me didn't matter so much anymore.

I'm sorry Ryan, but I'm starting to remember why I didn't like Glee in the first place. Yes, I'm still watching, but I'm becoming more and more disappointed. Here's why:

  • As a MAJOR Damian fan, I need to finally be honest: I don't like what you're doing with his character. He's been on the show for weeks now and I still know almost nothing about him. Why did he come to the US? Why didn't Brittany's family take him on vacation? Why don't him and Brittany ever talk? What happened to the Rory/Finn and Rory/Sam bromances? How has he been adjusting to life in America? What's his personality like? All I know is he's an Irish, homesick virgin who has a brother named Seamus and no girlfriend. When Damian performed in Celtic Thunder, his stage presence was undeniable: his performances were captivating and all you wanted to do was be his friend. To be honest, I don't think I'd care either way if I was Rory's friend. You should probably give him a chance to shine once in a while. If Rory is anything like Damian (which to be honest, I haven't seen so far), people will love him in no time. But honestly, Rory is nowhere near as lovable as Damian is... and I blame you. Oh, and the costume/hair people.. come on, that's not him!
  • Okay, Ryan, please tell me: Where the eff is Sam living right now? At Rachel's? At Finn's/Kurt's? I don't think anyone has any clue. He must be living SOMEWHERE, because no one calls him homeless anymore. Why can't you answer the most basic questions?
  • Why is Sugar in the Glee club? Didn't she suck last time she auditioned? Okay, okay... the New Directions is all about accepting people and all of their flaws, but I thought she couldn't sing?! If she can't sing, why'd she have a solo in Summer Nights?
  • Rory, Sebastian, Coach Roz, Harmony, Shane, and more... enough! Develop the characters you already have before you add more. 
  • Coach Beiste and Cooter got married a few episodes ago... and then we never heard anything else about it. WTF. Totally unnecessary. 
  • Remember when Blaine and Kurt and Rachel and Finn had sex? Yeah, I barely remember it. Nothing happened after that. You literally just threw sex in there to get ratings. 
  • You finally produced the long-awaited Michael Jackson tribute episode and you didn't do Thriller?! Really?! WTF happened in that episode anyway? Nothing really.
  • Sue Sylvester wants to have Mr. Shue's baby? Last I checked, she wanted him gone. 
  • Rachel's mother (and Quinn's baby's adopted mother) slept with Puck. Understandably, Quinn flipped a shit. But why didn't Rachel? Isn't that like super weird? Why was Rachel the voice of reason? EFFIN WEIRD.
  • Quinn got into Yale? Since when does she even go to class?
  • Umm... what happened to Lauren Zises?
Overall, I think the writing needs some work, along with the character and overall plot development. That being said, I think most of the music is spot on. Also, Santana is freaking awesome. If there's one character that keeps me constantly entertained, it's Santana. Santana's character is perfect for Naya. But please work on these other issues. I'm okay with baby steps: Let's start with featuring Damian more and developing his character. We'll see where we are from there.

Ryan, I think you're smart, but you've lost your way. I'm here to help you get back on track. Please understand.



EDIT: My intern Ricky just sent me this and I think it explains EXACTLY how I feel (minus the Irish kid not knowing his lines part... Do not insult my Damian).


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