Sunday, March 25, 2012

7 Reasons Quinn Should Die on #Glee

So I thought I could go 6 weeks without talking about Glee. Apparently, I was wrong. I just re-watched the  latest episode, On My Way. In case you haven't already heard, Quinn gets into a car accident at the end of the episode and we don't yet know if she survives (Although I actually do know what happens because I got impatient and read spoilers). That being said, I have a pretty strong opinion about what should happen, if things went my way: I really really think Quinn should die. Here's why:

1) The original cast is graduating anyway and chances are, most of them aren't sticking around next season.  This is the perfect way to get rid of her. It would make for a great storyline and the writers could easily segue into how this affects the other cast members (especially in terms of who will be around next season and who won't).

2) Speaking of storyline, Glee has never really focused on death. This past episode was the closest to the subject and it was the best episode we've seen in a long time. This is a storyline that would affect every single person at McKinley. There is so much opportunity here.

3) Let's face it: Quinn's a bitch. I'm not saying that because I think she deserves to die, I don't. Santana is also a bitch and I can't get enough of her. Problem is, Santana is a BETTER bitch. There's only room for one.

4) There's already a character in a wheelchair. If Quinn survives, that's potentially ANOTHER character in a wheelchair. I think one is enough. Again: we need NEW storylines!

5) Killing Quinn sends a stronger message. The girl has everything going for her: She's going to Yale, she's gorgeous, she has lots of friends, she's a cheerleader, and the list goes on. Yes, it would suck if she were paralyzed... but if she died, don't you think people would think twice about texting and driving?

6) They've already saved one character -- Karaofsky didn't die. Doesn't it seem strange that yet ANOTHER character survives? Keeping her alive sends the message that the writers don't know how to write to this.

7) Did you see that car crash? There's no way ANYONE would have survived that if it were real. For once, Glee should try to write storylines that are true to life.

What do you think? Should Quinn live or die?


  1. Well I guess the producers have something special in store for her next season. I heard only Finn and Rachel are going and most will still be guesting in one way or another. accident attorney

  2. @Geoff Granfield Personally, I think the way they set up this season is a bit bizarre. Can't wait to see how they bring some of those old characters back.