Sunday, April 8, 2012

The 6 Most Adorable Little Kids on YouTube

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So a few weeks ago, I posted a video of this adorable little girl singing Adele. Let's face it: little people make me happy. Here are some videos that keep me smiling, even on my worst days:

1) How this happened, I'll never understand. But it's funny nonetheless. I really admire how calm, cool, and collected she remains, despite being stuck in a trash can.

2) This kid's enthusiasm is fantastic. I'd be scared if I were the little girl standing next to him. Plus, he's a ginger. Soooo... that's funny.

3) Remember when little things made you SO happy?

4) What a fabulous performance. My favorite part is when she says "I love you, New York" at the end.

5) A 5 year-old who has her priorities straight!

6) Almost as good as Beyonce!

Who do you think are the cutest kids on YouTube?


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