Thursday, November 8, 2012

3 Ways to Create Great Branded Content

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Today in social media, content is key. With the number of brands on social media sites growing every day, it is becoming increasingly important for brands to capture the consumers’ attention and find ways to stand out among the vast amount of other content on the news feed. Here, we’ll take a look at 3 brands that are killing it when it comes to branded content.

Get creative with product placement
In honor of Oreo’s 100th Anniversary, Oreo introduced the Daily Twist campaign, a play on the “twist, lick, and dunk” routine performed by many Oreo-eaters. During the campaign, Oreo posted a new image on its Facebook page each day that featured the product in a light-hearted, fun, and eye-catching way. The images were not salesy or overly-promotional, but still tied back to the brand in a clever and engaging way. Fans were eager to check back on the page to see what the next “Daily Twist” would be. Oreo is a great example of product placement done RIGHT.
Develop a brand voice 
When talking with consumers on social media, it is essential for brands to ensure that they have a consistent brand voice and tone. Consumers are more likely to engage with a brand if they have a clear understanding of who they’re talking to. While some brands have developed their voice by establishing guidelines, appropriate language, and topics that are relatable to their audience, some go as far as developing an entire online personality. Orangina developed Bulby, the brand’s mascot and official host of the Orangina International Facebook and Twitter pages. Through its content, Orangina uses Bulby to tell stories and develop a relatable brand personality. The content involves Bulby going on all sorts of different adventures and partaking in a variety of different activities. This concept provides the consumer with a relatable character with which to interact, as opposed to fan interacting with a nameless brand representative. Organina even encourages fans to create their own adventures for Bulby!
Feature your fans
Burt’s Bees recently ran the “Raise Your Burt’s” promotion where fans had the opportunity to submit photos for a chance to be featured in a lip balm campaign. The finalists were featured in Burt’s Bees Facebook content and in the images that were posted, the finalists’ names was added to the “Burt’s Bees” product image. This was an interesting way to promote a contest while acknowledging the brand’s biggest fans. In order for fans to become recurring customers, they must feel valued by the brand. This was a great way for Burt’s Bees to acknowledge some of their biggest ambassadors.
What are some of your tips for creating branded content?


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